Wiring in a house made of wood

In recent years, residents of cities prefer to build country cottage houses. A sense of proximity of nature, comfort and warmth that the tree gives can not be compared with anything. Only spending a few days off in the country without light and other amenities, this is one thing, and being all summer is different.

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It turns out that you can’t do without the usual light. The tree is considered a fire hazardous material and it is very important to lay the wiring in the house correctly, professionally. Only a high -quality wiring will give a guarantee of security. To enter the cable into the house you need special reinforcement and sealed clamps. Internal wiring should be from a cable with copper veins.

On the most dangerous section – from the outer wall to the distributor shield – the cable is better to place in a steel pipe.

So that there is no misunderstanding when repairing or replacing the cable, the wiring in the house is best done open. The cable is used with triple isolation.

Fasteners are carried out using electrical brackets. The appearance of such wiring is not very attractive, but convenient in unforeseen situations. If, all the same, I want attractiveness, then you can hide the wiring in plastic boxes. True, they are not very easily installed, this work is time -consuming, but the appearance is better than just wires along the walls.

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