Winter skin care we take care of the skin in winter

Winter care for skin

It’s good if you have enough money and time to visit a cosmetologist, but there is no such possibility. And with the approach of cold weather, new problems and threats arise for our skin. These are temperature differences, overnight air in the premises, almost complete absence of vitamins and sunlight. Therefore, together with the site, the female paradise is learning how not to damage our beauty and take care of the skin in the winter.

Face cleaning. Believe me, more than one super-cream that prevents dryness, acne, smoothing wrinkles and brings radiance to your face, will not “work”, without preliminary skin cleansing. In cosmetic salons, the skin is usually cleansed with different peels. At home, you must do the cleansing yourself with the help of scrubs, but you should not get involved in too rigid scrubs and do this procedure often, one or two times a week is enough.

Radiance of the skin. It is in the winter cold months that our skin becomes dull. In order for your skin to “shine” with youth, here you will need vitamin creams and serums that will help restore energy balance. And do not forget to take vitamins daily.

Do not skimp for yourself your beloved, fruit masks for the skin of the face in the winter, prepared at home, assistants in beauty number one.

Skin irritation. Cold also bring us irritation and redness of the skin. Cope with this, protective winter cream will help you. Going outside, be sure to apply it prematurely on the face, before applying makeup. He is able to protect your skin from frost, temperature and wind drops. But in order to avoid dry skin associated with heating appliances in rooms, use thermal water.

Moisturizing the skin. The famous term is dehydration of the skin, a straight road to wrinkles, you know. In addition, impeccable makeup without the use of a moisturizer for the face, looks sloppy. The myth that the moisturizer applied during frost is incompatible with the cold is already outdated. You just need to replace a light summer cream with a winter with a more rich and rich texture.

Engage in physical exercises, this will give vivacity to the spirit and the benefit of your figure. Smile, tense faces are not only unpleasant, but also add wrinkles and worsen the complexion. Love yourself, take care of yourself. Sleep and wake up in a good mood. And then your skin is not only in the summer, but in the winter it will be well -groomed, beautiful, young and radiant.

Author: Natalia Konkova

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