What should be a female robe

The word itself (however, like the clothes that are meant by it) the bathrobe came to us from the East. Most often (in our realities) this accessory of clothing is used at home. Its features and distinctive features are long floors and fasteners, which are located along the entire length of the bathrobe. Today, in Asia and the Far East, people are not ashamed to wear them even on the street, as it is convenient. And just cool. But we, who live closer to Europe and accustomed to a slightly different way of life, cannot afford this to ourselves.

Still, be that as it may, we (almost all) wear robes. And how to choose the one that will satisfy us one hundred percent? By the way, on the Rash website there is an excellent selection of these clothing accessories, but before ordering something there, let’s study the main points of choice.

First you should decide on the type of robe, which will be used in certain conditions. There are as many as five of them:

The first of them is home (it is also a kitchen), which of all presented here is the most common; It can be worn in a place of home clothes and do any housework in it;

Bath robe – the second most popular species; After taking the shower, so as not to freeze, you can quickly “plunge” into the pleasant furs of this type of robe and jump into them into a cozy and warm bed;

The beach robe is also popular, but only in the summer or in the resorts; Its (just like the previous look) is used after bathing in water to warm up and dry faster;

Summer robe or dressing dressing dressing gown-an excellent replacement of outerwear; It can be decorated with a colorful pattern, rhinestones and any other fashionable details;

The peignoir is the most erotic species from all existing negligent products; It seems that nothing is worth it anymore (and not necessary) add.

But! In addition to types, robes are also divided into styles, which, in fact, allow everyone to choose the one in which a constant stay for a woman (or man) will be properly comfortable. There are only three species here:

Hhalat-kimono, which allows you to move freely;

a long even robe that covers the body to the middle of the lower leg, and sometimes in the entire length (already to the floor);

A short even robe, which in length corresponds to the size of the mini and is a light version of a long robe.

What else is necessary and must be present in the dressing room in order to give out its most complete functionality (but here the choice is made only at the request of the consumer), it is the presence of pockets and buttons (or lightning) for fastening.

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