What is important to know about lactation to every nursing mother

Any nursing mother wants to provide her baby with maximum care, while various alarming thoughts often arise, whether the child of milk is enough, how long it should be fed, what methods and when to finish breastfeeding his child. There is no universal answer to all these questions, since each specific case is a unique. But, nevertheless, before, many such knowledge indulged from generation to generation, so every nursing mother was familiar with many folk methods and recipes. Let’s try to find out what means are truly effective in case of any problems with lactation in a nursing mother.

The main prejudices and myths associated with breastfeeding

It is worth noting right away that in the case of lactation, the saying “the main thing is not quantity, but quality” does not carry absolute truth, especially in the first half of the life of the baby, when he eats mainly only mother’s milk. For such a baby, the amount of milk should be sufficient so that he feels satiety when filling the stomach.

At the same time, in our time, a very large number of women are joined with a lack of milk for a baby and immediately run to the store for savory mixtures. But this is just not to rush to do. Firstly, not every mixture is suitable for a particular baby, and secondly, this will only lead to the extinction of lactation and even its complete cessation. In addition, some “lazy” kids quickly understand that sucking a bottle is easier than working by my mother’s breast … And Mamino is still better for any child, even the most expensive and high-quality mixture. It contains all the substances and enzymes necessary for the child, which is very useful in the period of high incidence, for example, colds and acute respiratory infections.

Mom should not stop feeding, even if she got sick, since her milk will already contain antibodies necessary for the body to combat the disease. And in order to improve lactation in the case of a decrease in the amount of milk, you need to often apply the baby to the chest, especially at night, when it is best produced, and also, more precisely, in the pre -stock hours. It is also advisable to drink hot and warm drinks when feeding, for example, tea, compote, decoctions of beneficial herbs, the body needs a lot of fluid to produce milk.

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