What is checking a car by VIN: how the service works and the main advantages

Today, anyone can get comprehensive information about a car by knowing its VIN code. The VIN code is the unique number of the car. VIN counterfeiting is completely excluded, which makes it possible to obtain reliable information on this code. Knowing the VIN, it’s easy to check a used car before buying and find out all the information that the seller would prefer to hide. To do this, you need to use the clear and accessible VIN decoder service.

What information does the VIN decoder service allow you to find out?

Using the VIN decoder service, the user will learn very important information:

  1. Is the car he is interested in pledged?
  2. Is this vehicle listed as stolen?
  3. Are there any restrictions on registering this car?
  4. Real mileage of the car. This information will help identify the fact of “twisting” the mileage, which is often done by unscrupulous sellers.
  5. Whether the vehicle was in commercial use, such as a taxi company.
  6. How many accidents have occurred in the history of operation of this car, and how serious damage it received.

Several reasons to use the VIN decoder service

The main reason why users resort to the VIN decoder service is the desire to find out information about a used car before purchasing, so as not to regret their purchase later. The information received will help save a considerable amount, because the buyer will know about all the problems of the car, which will give him the right to demand a large discount when purchasing.

Another very important factor is ensuring maximum safety while traveling. If the car was seriously damaged in an accident and was subsequently repaired, there is a possibility that the damage was repaired in violation of the rules. Because of this, problems may arise with driving this car. And when the odometer rolls back, the driving properties of the car greatly deteriorate, which must be taken into account.

Who benefits from the VIN decoder service?

The advantages of the VIN decoder service as a tool for checking a used car before purchasing were described above. But in reality, this service is useful not only to potential buyers of used cars. Car dealerships and insurance companies regularly use the capabilities of the VIN decoder service to carry out their work. Law enforcement officials also periodically resort to the service of searching for information by VIN.

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