What is a pentest for and what does it provide: main aspects and advantages

In order to protect your business from cyber attacks, you need to take care of conducting a pentest. This is one of the most effective methods for ensuring cybersecurity. This is a simulation of a hacker’s actions, which allows you to identify vulnerabilities and assess the security of a company’s information systems. Pentest as a Service is provided by experienced specialists who conduct active attacks on the system using the same methods as would-be hackers. Such services can be ordered online at any time of the day on the CQR website.

Benefits of pentesting

Pentesters actively explore all sources of information and collect the necessary data. This makes it possible to detect all possible attack vectors that attackers use to gain unauthorized access. By simulating real-life attacks, pentesters evaluate how effective a company’s current security measures are and identify vulnerabilities that require strengthening. Pentest Service provides companies with the opportunity to receive a detailed report on identified vulnerabilities and recommendations for eliminating them. This raises awareness and allows the company to take concrete steps to strengthen protection.

Pentest allows you to see your system through the eyes of a potential attacker, which provides better preparation for real hacker attacks.

Why do you need a pentest?

The security of any business depends on how well the entrepreneur is aware of his vulnerabilities. Regularly conducting pentests helps prevent potential threats and protect the company from financial, reputational and other losses associated with hacker attacks. Thus, we can say that penetration testing as a service is an important step in ensuring cybersecurity. This is a strategic approach to protecting your business. You can order a pentest right now to detect vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and provide reliable protection against potential hacker attacks.

Without pentesting, a company becomes exposed to many serious risks that can have far-reaching consequences. From financial losses to loss of reputation, these threats can become a reality if cybersecurity is not a top priority. A successful hacker attack can lead to complete inoperability of systems and networks, making it impossible to conduct normal business.

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