What are the reasons for the delay of menstruation?

A woman who leads sexual life and does not take any measures for pregnancy, delayed menstruation, can just indicate pregnancy. Although in this case it will be more accurate not to talk about the delay of menstruation, but about their temporary termination in connection with the onset of pregnancy. Delays of menstruation, not related to the onset of pregnancy, can occur for a variety of reasons.

For example, in the event of various gynecological diseases, the course of the menstrual cycle is often violated. The reason for this may be various inflammatory processes occurring in the ovaries and appendages, as well as a benign tumor of the uterus – myoma. A visit to a gynecologist will help you understand the reasons for the delay of menstruation and choose the most effective way to solve the problem.

A failure in the menstrual cycle can occur under the influence of oral contraceptives. Hormonal drugs inhibit the maturation of the eggs, and their effect can be excessive. If the doctor determines that the delay in menstruation is caused by the reception of such contraceptives, then he will cancel their reception and within six months the monthly will resume and the menstrual cycle will normalize.

Violations in the menstrual cycle are accompanied by an abortion surgery. During the cureation of the uterine cavity during abortion, the integrity of the tissues is violated, and until they recover, a delay in menstruation may be observed. If this happens, it is also recommended to visit a doctor. In general, any serious delay in menstruation should be a reason for going to the clinic. A frivolous attitude can do expensive in the future.

In our age, oversaturated with nervous stress, constant haste and balancing on the verge of depression with frequent stressful situations, a fairly common habit of menstruation delay is stress. If a woman has undergone serious nervous overstrain, then menstruation can be abused for a long period, even for years. This situation may require even inpatient treatment.

Infinite sitting on a diet and a significant weight loss that may occur with the development of a woman’s losing weight, appetite disorders, and subsequently anorexia nervous, are also the reason for the delay, or even the complete cessation of menstruation until the “victim” of uncontrolled starvation is complete recovery. And here you can’t do without intervention. Thus, any delay in menstruation should serve as a signal to seek medical help.

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