US authorities require SpaceX to provide Starlink data

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) demanded a $175 million fine from the American company SpaceX for not providing the agency with collision trajectory analysis data before the launch of the Starlink Group 4-27 mission in August 2022.

This is reported by Reuters.

According to the agency, the FAA stated that SpaceX had to provide data directly to the agency at least seven days before the launch attempt. This information is used to estimate the probability of a launch vehicle collision with one of the thousands of objects tracked in Earth orbit.

It is clarified that SpaceX has 30 days to respond to the FAA requirement.

At the end of January, SpaceX announced that the Falcon 9 launch vehicle would launch 49 Starlink Internet satellites into orbit.

This is the 71st sending of mini-satellites into orbit since May 2019. To date, SpaceX has already launched almost 3.8 thousand such satellites, some of them have stopped working or have left orbit. So far, about 3.5 thousand vehicles remain in space in working condition.

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