Tile finishing

An experienced mistress knows that the most non -problematic surface, easily cleaned of dirt, is a tile. Reliable, beautiful, hygienic. Experienced business executive (he is the owner) knows that the tile is profile for the bathroom and for the kitchen. It is commendable that you are ready for this heroic feat – lay out the tile. To do this, prepare a square, nippers, a hammer, a chisel, brushes, a plaster shoulder blade. Carefully clean the surface, which will become working, from the previous solution. Followed is it necessary to plastered and scratch the not yet frozen surface. The last operation is needed for the effective use and action of glue. In general, the tiles can be fixed as glue, so on mastic.

It is worth noting that plaster slopes is a rather serious job, which professional masters should do. By clicking on the above link, you can order high -quality sloping plaster at favorable prices by professionals.

Another important point: before use, the tile must be sorted. And if we take into account that in most cases the internal dimensions of our dwellings have errors, then you should remember the forced cutting of tiles. In the process of global repair, we lay the tiles primarily on the floor, and then on the wall. And for the rational consumption of material and forces, laying floor tiles is more correct on two walls from one corner. Grinding tile seams should be more thorough. Remember that after 3 years the tile will require repair.

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