The series “Night Swallows” on IVI.

We recently argued with a friend about domestic films, well, as usual, “pouring mud” by our cinema, and he, as a real lawyer, defended our “Bondarchuk” and “Mikhalkov”. In the process of dispute, he had an argument, namely the film “Night Swallows”, which he looked at the nochnyie_lastochki. I had to see how you can argue without knowing what the dispute is being conducted. By the way, it turned out to be not a film at all, but a real series, but what is there, as I already said, I had to watch.

If in short, this series was shot with the participation of many domestic actresses, the most famous of which is Tatyana Arntgolts. As it already understands, this is a military series telling about women pilots who fought in the sky during the Great Patriotic War. By the way, for reference, I found out that at least 600,000 women fought at the front from 1941 to 1945 and that I was at all surprised by many women who fought in aviation. And yet, it is important to note that the series tells about the actually existing flight unit, namely about the 46th Guards Aviation Shelf, in which only women served. By the way, again for reference, as I found out, the mixed flight units in which were both women and men served.

The film is very interesting, what to say there, I knew a friend than to “trump”, we still have forgotten how to shoot films about the war. In general, looking at the first episode, I immediately recognized my wrong dispute, which greatly delighted a friend.

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