The repair should be subjected to standard kitchens.

Any repair in the house, as a rule, is delayed for an indefinite time. Your financial funds will be affected by the period of repair. If your financial resources allow you to hire a team of professionals, then this will be for the better, as you will be repaired in strictly agreed terms. If you do not have a given opportunity, then you will have to carry out the repair of the apartment yourself, and at the same time you will spend a lot of nerves forces and an unknown amount of time.

If you draw up a competent plan for repair work, independently dividing everything into stages, then repair of the kitchen can be done in two weeks.

Before starting the repair, it is necessary to purchase all building materials in the right amount. Then we measure the area of ​​your kitchen. We start all repair work from the floor we lay the system of warm floor, and lay ceramic tiles on top.

The walls should be finished with moisture -resistant materials ideal and without a losing option will be the wall decoration, as well as the floor using ceramic tiles.

The longest stage of repair is the dismantling of the old kitchen. After all, performing dismantling, you will get a lot of dust and various dirt. If your financial resources do not allow you to use ceramic tiles, then replace it with plastic panels with much cheaper of ceramic tiles, but their service life is also not large.

I hope these tips at least somehow help you successful repair work!

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