The main stages of building roofs from metal tiles

The attic roof is a design that is obtained from the totality of several layers of certain building materials, on the quality of which its durability and reliability depends.

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In order to exclude all the defects in construction, it is necessary to carry out these work under severe control and attention, to exclude dismantling in the future. As a rule, the profiled sheet is currently the most popular materials for the construction of the roof of the house. Initially, it is necessary to lay the insulation, which should be located between the rafters of the display.

The main thing is to eliminate the ingress of moisture. Then hydrolytenance – and vapor barrier materials are laid. Moreover, the waterproofing will be located on the outside, and vapor barrier from the internal. After that, place the hooks of the gutter, given the vertical displacement. The further stage will be the installation of the crate, after which the cornice film and the chimney is installed.

At the end of these works, you can start raising and further installation of a profiled sheet. The installation of modern metal tiles does not require deep knowledge and skills. Everything can be done on their own if there are instructions and desire.

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