The liquid wallpaper

To properly apply liquid wallpaper to the surface of the walls, you need to remove all the old coatings and pollution. Then the walls need to be treated with a primer or painted preparation – surface coating with painting paint.

The temperature for applying liquid wallpaper should be above 15 degrees. After the preparatory work is completed, you can start preparing the mixture. Pour the entire liquid into a separate container. Next, the mixture is poured with the required amount of water according to the instructions. Then the mixture is mixed until a uniform mass is formed. By the way, now they often began to order furniture facades for the kitchen, they are cheap.

During work, you can use a roller, spatula or spray gunner. The coating dries from 12 hours to 3 days. The wallpaper can be endowed with a pattern using rolling. Apply wallpaper with a roller, gently rolling a roller in all directions.

To ensure liquid battles care, they are enough to periodically vacuum. Wallpaper is not recommended to wash with water. You can varnish wallpapers, then cleaning can be carried out using a damp cloth.

Restoring liquid wallpaper is very easy. Dirty spots are easily removed with a regular eraser. If the wallpaper has mechanical damage, then the surface is wetted with water and removed with a metal spatula, applying a new composition on top.

Some manufacturers have up to 160 colors. With a competent choice of color, wallpaper is combined with any design interior.

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