The indefatigable Huff

In order to participate in the World Highways Championship (WTCC), the driver of the super-speed car must have outstanding driving skills and considerable experience in combating in national competitions.

However, often having won honorary places in the world field, athletes leave their youth behind them, so you rarely meet a participant younger than 3 dozen in the championship. Among them are pilots such as all the Italian Tarquini, the Swiss menu and the current WTCC leader Ivan Müller.

But looking at the overall picture, it’s hard not to notice the younger, but promising Rob Huff, who skillfully enjoys his age. This year he managed to take the 4th and first places in the races, thanks to which 37 points appeared in his piggy bank and change the situation in the ranking in his favor. In addition, having a more powerful engine under the hood of his Chevrolet, Huff has very good chances to continue his career as successfully, despite the problems with the piloting at large distances.

For frequent incidents on the tracks, the British driving style does not welcome judges. It should be noted that Rob takes part in no “female” competitions full of fierce struggle, adrenaline and rumpled machines of machines.

At the moment, a confusing intrigue in the championship is the choice of the first number in the Huff team.

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