The German Auto Concert BMW will take on the release of scooters

BMW car concern is going to release 2 types of modern mopeds.

According to the Internet portal Motorcycle. , BMW began to realize the idea of ​​their own scooters models. At a car dealership in Italian Milan, the public has already been presented with a prototype of the Concept C model, which will act as a base for 2 new mopeds of the production of a German auto company. According to authorized representatives of the company, in the near future the industrial production of new products will be established, which, according to the information received, will be equipped with 2-cylinder gasoline engines, the detailed characteristics of which have not yet been disclosed.

The prototype of the CONCEPT C MODEPS appeared before the public in a fairly solid equipment that was interested in a rather solid equipment – visitors to the Milan car dealership were able to consider tires with a blue tread, LED headlights and even 2 rear view chambers, through which the image is transmitted to the scooter specially built into the dashboard monitors.

According to the head of the motorcycle direction of the BMW concern Hendrik von Kenheim, the idea of ​​creating a scooter came to him after analyzing the model line of the German car account-the scooter is the only 2-wheeled vehicle that is not manufactured by BMW.

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