Suburban sewage system

We are all accustomed to warm toilets, a comfortable shower, cozy baths, rationally located sinks that are located directly in the house. That is why water supply and sewage are priority points in the construction of a country house.

Design and laying of water supply and sewage – a difficult process. It requires certain knowledge, practical experience in the construction sphere and significant material investments. Therefore, it is better to use the services of specialists in this matter. After all, errors in the work can lead to the most diverse problems and consequences: dampness in the house, basements, the appearance of unpleasant odors, leaks, blockages, pipe gusts, etc. In addition, an incorrectly designed sewage system can affect the deterioration of the environmental situation on the site – closing, distribution of mold, midges, sometimes the installation of the KNS may be required.

Modern sewage requirements involve the construction of a whole complex of structures that will collect, neutralize, divert and clean the wastewater. And in such nuances, only an experienced specialist can navigate, who will make calculations depending on the number of living people, the characteristics of the soil and the location of the site and the frequency of using the designed system (seasonal or year -round).

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