Suburban areas

In suburban areas, gardeners often break ponds and reservoirs. And, of course, complement their creation by home -made bridges! What they do not make them from: boards, stones, metal. And in the form of bridges are very different! To care for the site, gardeners often use the MTD cultivator is not very expensive.

A common option is a regular flat wood bridge. They are usually made with railing, but this is not necessarily. For the construction of such a bridge, solid wood of wood, such as pine or larch are suitable. Such a bridge will last a very long time to count the quality of wood: it is not deformed when exposed to any amount of moisture. For flooring, it is better to choose an oak or deck.

Ordinary wooden bridges are very easy to build. In addition, their construction takes little time. Everyone can build this: you only need to take two lags and put wooden “sleepers” over them. Each plank is alternately nailed to the lags.

Elegant arcuate bridges always attract the eye. They fit perfectly into any landscape. In oriental design, such a bridge generally plays an almost major role! But when erecting such a structure, it should be remembered: it can only be built above the water if the edges of the pond are quite low.

Many people like step bridges. There is a trick in their triggers: so that rainwater does not accumulate on the steps, they are done with a light slope.

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