Style for a loved one

Style for a loved one

There are many men who are quite calm about the fact that they dress exactly the same day every day, without changing their principles for many years of life. And even a visit to relatives, a trip to the cinema, a trip out of town cannot withdraw them from an invented image. But sometimes this image is far from what my beloved girl would like to see. And she faces the task of helping to decide on the choice of style, most fully revealing the best qualities of a beloved and appropriate situation.

For work, if this is work in an office or state organization, you must adhere to a business style. It implies not only wearing a costume, but also the selection of relevant accessories. Firstly, the shirt, which should always be fresh and look like new. Classical men’s shirt of brands such as Boss, Dolce&Gabbana, Armani, Dior, Gucci will allow you to feel confident in a conversation with the authorities of any rank. Secondly, a tie, which can both be combined in color with a shirt and contrast with it. Ties must be several, expensive and fashionable. Only such are and will fit a good suit and branded shirt. Classical leather shoes from Italian manufacturers Alberto Ciccioli, Moreschi, Sergio Rossi, Roberto Botticelli will be best complemented by the image. There is more than one link to the stores on the Internet that offer all this splendor.

For walks, trips to a picnic or to the country, it is better to adhere to a sports style to friends for friends. Classic tracksuits and very comfortable shoes from Nike, Adidas, Reebok, which are preferred to wear both stars and ordinary people, will be very useful for these purposes. As outerwear, a jacket or short down jacket is more suitable for a sports style. Very attractive models offer Armani this winter, Dolce&Gabbana, Adidas. Short, warm, different colors, with a detonating hood, down jackets will create the image of a brutal guy and will not allow to freeze in the cold. For the offseason, you can choose a leather jacket of the same brands.

If a young man wants to stand out, prefers a glamorous style, then in this matter world brands do not stand aside and offer a huge number of models of T -shirts, trousers, cardigans, vests, jumper and sweaters. Pierre Cardin models will satisfy the taste of the most addicted modes and will make it possible to create a recognizable, unique image.

A loving girl will admire her chosen one, in whatever image he appears. So that others also evoke such feelings, you will have to work on creating an appropriate image.

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