Stone stone is discord

Stone stone is discord

Man has always been attracted by precious stones, placers of gems, their beauty is unusual. They were used and used to create all kinds of jewelry, in the details of clothing, shoes, various accessories. Natural stones differ in their characteristics that determine the cost of a mineral. In addition, all kinds of magical properties are attributed to precious and semiprecious stones, which makes them even more attractive and desirable. Take an adventurine for example – one name immediately attracts attention, as well as an extraordinary type of stone.

Zlatouskr – Aventurine

In Russia, the Aventurin was called Zlatoskr, conveying in the name the peculiarity of the stone, sparkle thanks to the petty inclusions of mica and other scaly minerals.

Wonderful adventurine of the stone has amazing. Starting from the variety of colors. Quartzite, which is an adventurine in nature, can have white, orange, cherry, green color. It is believed that the adventurine is able to raise and maintain mood, contributes to the clarity of thinking and vigor of the spirit.

Particularly valuable green stone is not cheaper than similar nephritis samples. The best specimens of adventurine in our country can be found in the Urals. Great adventurine is found in deposits in Austria and Brazil. The most valuable variety of green color is mined in India.

The most beautiful avanturine samples are used in jewelry as inserts in earrings, rings, brooches, cufflinks. From less spectacular adventurine, vases, candlesticks and other original gizmos to decorate the interior are made. Certain medical, and even magical properties are attributed to the adventurine. For this purpose, it is recommended to wear an adventurine in the form of a thread of beads on the neck or like a bracelet on a wrist.

Precious beryl

One of the most appreciated precious minerals is the beryl Green stone – emerald. Practically in no way inferior to him in its value and aquamarine painted in juicy tones. In general, precious beryl has a lot of shades – yellow, pink, blue, green. There are also unpainted, colorless, but no less spectacular specimens. Beryl’s natural crystals can reach a weight of several tons, but such finds of jewelry are not represented. The unique beauty of shades makes Beryl in demand in jewelry and today, like a century ago. Beryl is attributed to some magical properties. For example, the effect on brain functioning. They say that wearing beryl helps to fight laziness.

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