Some clubs will cut the salaries of highly paid employees

From April 15 to June, Harris Blitzer Sports will temporarily reduce the salary of employees who earn from $ 50,000 or more.

Their salary will be reduced by twenty percent. The presidents of both clubs, Jake Reynolds (Devils) and Chris Heck (76ers), are among those who have been cut. Philadelphia General Manager Elton Brand also agreed to participate in the program. Harris Blitzer Sports CEO Scott O’Neill will also take a pay cut.

“We are all going through a difficult period of coronavirus. We are mindful of the long-term impact of stopping our events and games on the organization and the industry. To make sure that we can continue to support our businesses in these difficult times without cutting employees, we have asked all permanent high—paid employees to temporarily cut their salaries by 20 percent and switch to a four-day working week,” O’Neill said.

The head of the group added that it will support local businesses and residents in Philadelphia, Camden and Newark

Recall that the NBA and NHL indefinitely suspended their own activities. All other American leagues did the same. At the Prudential Center Arena, which hosts the Devils’ matches, all March competitions have been canceled. The arena is also owned by Harris Blitzer Sports.

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