Sewer plastic pipes

More recently, sewer systems were equipped with metal or cast -iron water percatches, which had many disadvantages. Their installation took a lot of time. Currently, the old pipes have been replaced by pipes for the needs of polypropylene sewage. PVC pipes are the best material for laying sewer outdoor systems. Sewer pipes for outdoor installation have an orange color.

Polypropylene pipes are combined using bellied adhesion, with the installation of a dense ring made of rubber, which ensures tightness and harmless installation. The material from which external plastic sewer pipes are made is very strong. He tolerates transportation well. Polyvinyl chloride pipes have a small expansion coefficient and horizontal stretching during temperature fluctuations. Therefore, pipelines from PVC frost -resistant.

The mass of pipe from polyvinyl chloride is much less metal or cast -iron pipes, so they are convenient in transportation and storage. In Europe, the sewer external from propylene is widely used, in our country they make up only twenty -five percent of all plastic pipes. The price of a plastic pipe is much less than a steel pipe, and the service life is much higher. In the modern world, they are increasingly used in sewer systems.

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