Septic tank for a summer residence

It is difficult to imagine today a comfortable life in the country without a septic tank. As in the city, in the country there are waste of human life and drainage that need processing and disinfecting. And if in the city all sewage gather centrally in one place for subsequent processing, then only a septic tank can cope with this task outside the city.

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Based on the method of processing of wastewater and scope volumes, there are several types of septic tanks. The most simple is considered a cesspool that has to be cleaned during operation during operation. More modern structures of devices, septic tanks, are distinguished by a qualitative level, equipped with a filtration system and bioseptics, devices with biological cleaning functions.

Septic tanks of the first type allow the drains to stole and light up in filter trenches or special wells, after which the liquid is suitable for watering or as a technical. However, in the presence of clay soils on the site, as well as high groundwater occurrence of such septic tanks, it is not recommended.

Not demanding on the characteristics of the soils of bioseptics. However, the key to their quality work is periodic timely pumping through special machines.

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