Secrets of the installation of windows in a wooden house

A wooden house is a living creature and how all living things have its own small whims. The new wooden house has an exact period of shrinkage – a year and a half. When changing the weather and air temperature, wood, in the aisles of several centimeters changes its volume. Also, cutting the window opening, you can damage the integrity of the wall design.

Combining window openings will help to avoid unnecessary repair of the window opening in the future. In the log house, carefully cut the openings. Make sure that the hole trajectory is straight. At the ends of the cut out logs, we cut through the grooves – 5 n5 cm. We do not insert the bars very tightly so as not to prevent the shrinkage of the log house. The gap made over the bars will interfere with the contact of logs and bars during shrinkage. As you know, now building a wooden house is often used by blockhouse price for this material, now the average house is beautiful because of this material.

In the upper and lower part of the window opening we fasten the casing – 50 by 200. At the bottom, the board is attached to the bars. Thus, the window block is formed. Do not forget to leave the gaps for the future shrinkage on top. We block the resulting gap with mineral wool, construction foam or insulation. For protection and design, we hide the platband.

You can start glazing. Glass is inserted into the holes formed in the board or timber. Similar sequence for doorways.

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