Russia and China without the USA

Russia and China have embarked on the path of forming a new world order, in which there may be no place for the United States even “at the far end of the table.”

This was reported in the Washington Times.

The article recalled the disorderly retreat of the United States from Afghanistan in 2021, as well as the uncertain foreign policy of President Joe Biden, which showed the decline of the United States.

Journalists noticed that the strengthening relations between Russia and China led to the fact that Moscow converted about 17% of foreign exchange reserves into yuan. The publication suggested that the Beijing authorities also feel Washington’s weakness, so they offer friendship to states rejected by the United States.

The article summarized that “while President Biden is floundering,” Beijing and Moscow are moving towards a new world order in which there will be no place for the United States.

Recall that on March 20, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Russia. For him, this trip abroad is the first after his re-election to the highest post. The leaders talked behind closed doors. It is noted that Xi Jinping at a meeting in the Kremlin called Putin a dear friend.

Upon arrival in Moscow, the Chinese President said that China expresses its readiness to support Russia in its quest to protect the international system, which is based on international law.

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