Rubille car (crib)

The chopping machine will become an indispensable assistant for the forestry industry, woodworking industry, communal and other services.

Ruble machines allow you to grind wood of any type, whether it be a whole tree or branches. With their help, low -grade wood and the production of fuel chips are processed, as well as the preparation of sawdust for the production of fuel briquettes and granules. You will be interested in the sale of Autocrane Galichanin.

There are three main types of data of units:

one. Rotary (the most complex mechanism that allows grinding of large diameter wood);

2. Drum (occupy the middle position between rotary and disc mechanisms and, as a result, serve to grind medium diameter wood);

3. Disk (the simplest type of unit designed to grind low -grade wood of small diameter).

By type of drive, chopping machines can be:

one. Tractor;

2. Electrical;

3. Diesel.

The size of the resulting chip is regulated in the chopper program. This allows you to get the chips necessary for this type of production of diameter.

Depending on the purpose, chopping machines can serve as processors of wood production waste and for the technological process for the manufacture of high -quality fuel chips.

Such machines will become excellent assistants in any production, where there is a need to process wood.

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