Roses are the most romantic and beautiful flowers in the world

Each man at least once in his life thought about questions: what roses are best presented to his beloved and what number should be in the bouquet? Of course, you can give one flower, or you can also a chic bouquet. In any case, the lover will be glad to such a pleasant gift. However, there is an opinion that it is impossible to give even the number of flowers, and this is by no means connected with the direction of the holiday or the age of the donee, but with the fact that even the number of colors is appropriate only in the cemetery. Now few will be able to explain the appearance of such a tradition, but even in the proverb the same meaning of even numbers lurks: “trouble never comes alone”. That is why it is not recommended to give a person, and especially the most expensive and beloved, even number of roses, otherwise you can bring trouble to him.

What roses are better to give?

Roses have long been considered the most beautiful colors with delicate aroma. They bring harmony into relationships, convey feelings of love and passion, help to light a fire of love, so most often roses give lovers. The most traditional color of roses is red, and as a rule, bright red flowers give young and beautiful girls. Red roses emphasize the beauty of burning brunettes especially profitably. If a man is in love with a representative of blond hair, it is better to give preference to pink and white colors. Dark shades of roses are most suitable for red -haired girls, and there may actually be more than a dozen. You can choose roses on the occasion and a suitable shade on the site from the Rosa Belogorye trademark at favorable prices.

How many roses are it customary to give your chosen one?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question, however, it is believed that the number of flowers depends on the secret desires of the presenting rose. So if a man gives his girlfriend one flower, he thereby tells her that he has sympathy and a sense of tenderness for her. Two roses donated to the girl mean an engagement or preparation for a wedding triumph. A man gives three roses when he wants to confess love. Five flowers are appropriate to present on the first date, and ten flowers express delight and admiration. Eleven roses are better to give as confirmation of sincere and confident feelings of devotion, twelve roses – an ideal option for a gift for the anniversary or traditional holiday of lovers. Perhaps the most chic bouquet will correspond to 101 rose, having received such a large bouquet, the woman will definitely understand that she was chosen as the subject of adoration, that she admires and bow to her.

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