Roading and arrangement of eco-domes

To make an eco-house not enough to simply build it, it still needs to be correctly equipped. We are talking about installing furniture and other interior elements, as well as decoration of the premises. As for the decoration, along the course of it, exclusively environmentally friendly materials are applied, which include drywall, cork wallpapers, ceramic tiles, natural linoleum and parquet.

Dear readers of our site, as you know, are now gaining popularity of brick house, they are usually built by experts. By visiting this site you can find out all the characteristics of brick houses.

As for such popular materials as PVC panels, varnishes, many colors, vinyl wallpapers and artificial linoleum, the use of these and other similar materials is excluded, since they are made not of natural components and, moreover, pose a serious danger to the human body. If more, then not natural materials can cause allergies, headaches and generally a whole bunch of various chronic diseases.

In furniture and other interior items that are used in the arrangement of eco-domes, it must be said that all this is also always made only of environmentally friendly materials, namely from wood, glass and sometimes aluminum. It is important to note that such furniture never has in its design chipboard and fiberboard, since these materials contain harmful substances, in particular formaldehydes that are released and fill the air of the premises.

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