Review of jacquard fabric. Jacquard style

La Bottega Gakkard – offers a wide range of natural fabrics. Our store is weekly replenished by the latest news from the world of fashion. Only the brightest, trend and high -quality canvases are available. Create your individual style with our store.

More and more often clothes from jacquard fabrics flashes on the catwalks, earlier such fabric perfectly complemented the interior of the house in the form of curtains. The curtains were weighed and gave nobility to the room, but today these are magnificent dresses, costumes, jackets and all from Jacquard.

In the La Bottega store catalog, you can find an incredible choice of Jacquard. The virtual regiments of the online store are overwhelmed with an abundance of jacquard drawings, it can be: abstraction, bold screaming colors, delicate flowers and just calmer shades. Spectrum for the implementation of your fantasies wide.

Jacquard is always expensive, rich and elegant. Fabric from a large pattern, which are obtained when weaving the main and tiring threads, with the help of such a technique, a unique fabulous pattern forms. The fabric happens not only with ornaments, but also often occurs plain, which looks no less impressive in the product.

The fabric has a number of decent properties:




Wear -resistant;

The spectrum of use of Jacquard is so high that it is used not only in sewing clothes, but also in the interior. Sew covers, bedspreads, curtains and even use in the form of upholstery materials.

There are types of jacquard:

Cato – cotton fabric using synthetic fibers;

Satin. Thanks to this type of fabric, an elite class of bedding is sewn.

Streich – the basis of the clan canvas and elastic fibers. Special properties stretch well and does not delay the air, they are used in sewing clothes and mattresses.

Atlas. Magnificent fabric for sewing curtains and textiles.

As for the care of Jacquard, he is easy and everything is difficult. It all depends on the composition of the product, before washing it is necessary to study the label for things. Of course, elite things from Jacquard must be taken in dry cleaning, all the others can be washed both with manual washing and in washing machines.

It is recommended to wash at a temperature of 30 s and use any products for colored linen, avoid powder with a bleach. After washing, it is advisable not to twist, but only slightly squeeze your hands. When drying the product, avoid direct sunlight so that the fabric does not burn out.

Jacquard will always help to look expensive and spectacular. Jacquard canvases are always elegant and fashionable. Come to us, we have the most incredible choice and excellent quality

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