Rest in France: Disneyland

Rest in France: Disneyland

Thirty kilometers from the French capital is an amazing place. It also attracts many tourists, like the Louvre, and the famous Eiffel Tower, and the majestic Cathedral of the Parisian Mother of God, but the average age of visitors here is much lower. Because it is Parisian Disneyland.

The world of Disney in Paris is no worse than its brother Walt Disney World, located in Florida – a blooming state. It is even better, because the procedure for paperwork for the trip is as simple, as is the booking of hotels in Finland. But the trip to American Disneyland requires the design of a special visa, more time and money.

The main Disneyland Street Main Street transfers the atmosphere of small American towns of the Western West. You can ride on one of the retro cars, visit the cafes, shops and restaurants located here. All of them are finished in the theme of popular Disney films and cartoons, and familiar cheerful music complements a truly festive atmosphere.

Children will be delighted with the opportunity to hug their favorite heroes walking around the park and take a picture with them. Yes, what is there, even adults are happy to include in the process, penetrated by the atmosphere of children’s fun and carelessness.

The entire territory of the park is divided into two parts. The first of them, the fairy -tale country of Disneyland, in addition to numerous attractions, includes seven comfortable hotels, which should be taken into account, still planning hotel reservation in France.

In the second part, called Walt Disney Studio Park, there are also attractions and shows based on the most famous films of the MGM film company, the creator of the most popular cartoon about Mickey Mouse and his friends, who conquered more than one generation of grateful viewers.

It is worth visiting the border area where the small zoo and the famous attractions are located. An unforgettable impressions of both parents and children will give a trip to the tunnels of the rattling mountain from the attraction of the world Western, riding a lake on a retro flooring or in a real Indian canoe, the opportunity to feel like a true cowboy, tasting a barbecue and enjoying a incendiary kan-kan.

Discovery Land – the country of discoveries – will be interesting to fans of high technologies. Fly by helicopter? Go into the past in the time of time? Meet Herbert Wales or Jules Verne? All this is possible in the Discovery Land, and it is simply impossible to forget these impressions. How it is impossible to describe and all the miracles of the Disneyland Parisian, which will definitely want to visit again.

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