Repair of standard kitchens.

Any repair is delayed indefinitely, it can last a week, or can drag on for several months. It all depends on your financial resources. If you are allowed by your money, then you can hire a team of specialists who will be able to carry out repairs in the deadlines set for you or do it yourself by spending a lot of time and nerves on your own.

The repair of the kitchen can be performed for two weeks, if all your time is devoted to the fully repair. To achieve this success, you will first need to draw up a plan for the work performed and in a clear time and put all the actions according to your plan.

To begin with, before the repair after the plan, you will need to purchase all the necessary building materials. Then you should measure the entire kitchen to order in Moscow. Nowadays, experts advise to lay exclusively ceramic tiles, and under it the system should be laid on a warm floor. It is worth considering that the kitchen is the place where moisture will definitely be present. To do this, you will need to use moisture -resistant building materials.

The most difficult stage will be the dismantling of an old kitchen. Indeed, during the performance of these work, you will see a lot of jack of dust and dirt.

Summing up everything that you will take time patience and your own strength. We also do not forget about drawing up a plan that will help you!

Good repair!

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