Real estate market these days

Citizens, especially from among those who can now allow you to purchase an apartment, are doing this less and less from speculative reasons. In the real estate market, as experts note, buyers prevail, who want to improve their space specifically for housing. The situation is significantly different from the pre -crisis years, and square meters today are no longer so often considered as saving money. The company PSK Promsity will help in Ivanovo to rent commercial real estate in Ivanovo.

The difference between interest income from a long-term bank deposit and income from the subsequent, after 3-5 years, the sale of the apartment is small. This leads to the fact that the main buyers in the real estate market – families who have the question of improving their living conditions. Players who specify in this market are practically absent.

In addition, experts note, there is a direct dependence of the dynamics of squares of square meters on the situation with exchange rates. When the dollar fluctuations, sales are reduced. In a stable situation in the currency market, sales begin to go up again. Seeing this state of affairs, developers refuse to build at the expense of investors and begin to offer apartments for sale when the object is ready by 50%-60%. In this case, the potential client trusts the developer more, assuming that the object will not become unfinished and the invested funds will be justified.

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