Protection of steel doors

Steel doors should be as hacking as possible. One of the easiest ways to increase the degree of protection of doors is rolls. On the site you can choose the model you are interested in. However, rollers are not always suitable for use at home. The hacking resistance is determined primarily by the thickness of the steel sheet, which is used in the steel door. High -quality steel doors should have stiffener ribs that prevent attempts to hack.

The presence of additional doorbells also contributes to a high level of door protection. Steel doors are not a whole sheet of metal, which has no void, since it is just a frame made of steel, the inside of which is absolutely free. But high -quality manufacturers of steel doors still take care that the inside of the door is not “empty”, but is filled with the element that will also prevent attempts to hack. Depending on the room where you want to install steel doors, you need to choose a canvas of a certain thickness. If the door is installed in a country house – try to purchase steel doors of the maximum density and thickness of the steel sheet, since in such rooms, as a rule, “heavy artillery” is used, which the doors open. Stiffer ribs also contribute to the door protection, and thanks to them the door should not be as thick as possible, thereby facilitating the operation of the doorbells.

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