President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev: features of policy and reform

Political leaders who were able to improve the situation of their countries, advance them along the path of development, receive the gratitude of their descendants and go down in history. These reformers are trying to improve people’s living standards and make the state’s position more stable. One of these politicians is the president Uzbekistan.

Policy Features

Shavkat Mirziyoyev headed the government of the republic for a long time and was elected president in 2016. Immediately after gaining power, he set a course for reforms, for example, he released political prisoners and began to remove bureaucratic obstacles to business development.

However, deep political and economic changes required a new legislative framework, for which changes were made to the Constitution. In it, the presidential term was increased from five to seven years. This approach made it possible for the president to run for office two more times. He exercised his right by calling early elections for the summer of 2023 and winning them.

In the area of politics, much attention is paid to women’s rights and opportunities. This part of the population actually received the opportunity to participate in social, political, and economic activities; forced labor of children was prohibited; cotton growers were allowed to directly sell cotton to textile manufacturers, removing bureaucratic obstacles in the main agricultural sector of the republic.

Observers note that reform measures are bearing fruit in the form of stable growth of Uzbekistan’s GDP by 5% annually. The total volume has reached $83 billion and continues to grow.

In foreign policy, the course towards good neighborliness is being promoted, border demarcation has been carried out, ties with the states of Central Asia have been improved, and mutual claims have been removed. In the economy, the main partners are Russia, where the main Uzbek exports go, and China, which provides the lion’s share of imports.

The course towards privatization is important for the mining industry. The government sells parts of its properties to large and small investors. The “people’s IPO” program allows people to attract additional funds into the economy and gives them the opportunity to earn income. Thanks to incoming investments, enterprises are modernizing and becoming more modern.

An important area is the optimization of water resource consumption for irrigation and the development of energy from alternative renewable sources. The initiator of all positive changes is the President of the country Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

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