Pipe repair in the pump.

The problem of the pipes in the pump.

In the event that the rods, either the pipes broke off, performing the repair of the pumps, they need to be caught with the help of special traps, since this operation is not just with your hands. Taps, hooks, slips and similar specialized items are used as tools. Simple methods should be noted in catching.

For example, a cliff is often the result of self -refinement of the pipe. This means that there is a thread in the “cliff” site. That is, everything that is required is to return to the place a torn pipe. You can catch the pipe and screw it up, or screw the pipe similar in diameter to the cliff site. This method will allow you to quickly catch a torn pipe.

The second method is more time -consuming. On the rods, the round segment of dry wood should be lowered. Wood is taken by firm rock. The end should be pointed. The thickness should be equal to the inner diameter of the pipe that fell. Fastening a piece of wood to the bar should be reliable so that a piece of wood does not slip off the bar.

Wood is introduced into the pipe and is left in this position for a certain time. Usually enough twelve hours. Wood swells in a pipe. Thus, the clutch with the pipe is almost complete. A piece of wood is extracted with the pipe and rods. In the event that a barrel of the rod occurred, then the bar can be caught without traps by raising the pipe column.

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