Pepsi has updated the logo

The American company PepsiCo has updated the Pepsi drink logo for the first time in 15 years before its 125th anniversary. This is reported by USA Today.

The new trademark will be the Pepsi inscription in bold black font inside a circle with red, white and blue wavy stripes and a black outline.

According to PepsiCo’s chief designer Mauro Porcini, the updated logo is designed to “give more energy, confidence and courage.” The company started developing a new logo several years ago based on the design of the 70s and 80s, which is still popular among consumers.

PepsiCo Marketing Director Todd Kaplan added that the company’s main task was to take part of the legacy and bring the present and the future into it.

The publication says that sales of the drink with the updated design will begin in the fall of 2023 in the USA and Canada, and in 2024 in other countries.

Recall that in September 2022, PepsiCo Corporation suspended the sale of beverages under its brands in Russia, as well as advertising activities in the country and investing in projects. It was reported that the company will continue to offer other products of the company in Russia, including essential goods such as milk and dairy products, infant formula and baby food.

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