Partitions are monolithic

The concept of monolithic partitions can be heard quite rarely, although this type of partitions is quite popular. Monolithic partitions are very massive designs, therefore, like brick, they need to be built only on strong and stable bases. For the construction of such partitions, concrete, slag concrete, expanded clay concrete, sawcop concrete and other types of concrete are used. As a rule, the thickness of such partitions is from 10 to 15 cm.

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The arrangement of a monolithic partition is associated with the installation of formwork, which can be built from boards and moisture -resistant plywood. Such formwork will allow you to get a partition with a flat surface. It is worth noting that the formwork should be of a small height and must definitely understand. In order to facilitate the separation of concrete from the walls of the formwork, you need to grease its walls with soap emulsion or machine oil.

As for the solution, it should be such a consistency so that it can be easily filled and lered. Separately, it is worth noting the end of the construction of a monolithic partition, because filling the solution at the place of adjacence to the ceiling ceiling is not so easy. For this, one of the sides is removed in the established formwork, after which the solution is thrown and leveled, manually.

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