Original Thai massage and spa procedures

Why are tourists going to Thailand? There are many reasons – this is a chic rest, delicious exotic dishes, funny active life. But many go to Thai Islands for beauty. Yes Yes! After all, in Thailand, excellent spa procedures are carried out.

Black pepper and green tea procedures

Thailand is known as an exotic country, you can live a couple of years here, and still continue to be surprised at everything – original food, original entertainment, unusual spa and massage procedures that carry out numerous salons on the islands.

The most famous Thai massage procedures are wraps and masks, but there are more original methods of wellness massage, for example, using black pepper! Moreover, many hotels of samui in which tourists settle, offer such procedures in their own salons, that is, you do not need to go far – everything is nearby.

At first, the master will soften the body with green tea, and only then will apply a layer of burning black pepper, after which it will begin to massage. The fact that the pepper is burning, you will understand right away, because during the massage process you will feel how tiny needles stuck into the body. But these are not painful sensations, with habit, they will seem unpleasant, but you quickly get used to. The effect of this massage can be compared with the effect of the steam bath, when the body is warming up, and then harmful substances come out with the outside.

After massage, gel is applied to the body. In general, patients do not have to know what this gel is made of, but we will tell you from silkworms. But the gel is good! It softens the skin, relieves irritation, and generally has a very positive effect on the body. In general, you will be in Thailand, find good hotels samui 2 stars (differ in low cost of living), and go through this chic exotic procedure.

Gold and fruit procedures

In many Thai salons, fruit spa procedures can be offered. According to their own recipes, masters make fruit scrubs that moisturize the skin and make it very smooth. After the procedure, you continue to feel the aromatic smell of fruits. Most often, coconut is used, its oil relieves muscle pain and reduces stress.

In Thailand, the service that has been widely developed in Japan is just starting to emerge – these are masks from real gold, we note that such procedures are popular in eastern countries, in particular in the UAE. The master applies tiny gold plates to the skin, and then conducts massage, during which it distributes gold over the entire surface of the processed area of ​​the body. Very pleasant, useful procedure.

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