On Moscow Tuning Show, the Skoda Automobile Company brought tuned octavia and yeti

Since yesterday in Moscow, the International Tuning Exhibition Moscow Tuning Show has been opened.

Everyone will be able to visit it, but only until April 17. As expected, representatives of the Czech brand Skoda brought to the exhibition Octavia RS and two modified Yeti models.

BE AUTOMOTIVE, which dealt with issues as aerodynamics, accessories and exterior of Skoda cars, was responsible for improving these two models.

The first Octavia RS model with a standard 2.0 TSI engine, gray body color, has become practically unrecognizable if you compare it with a standard RS modification that has a blue color. But the most important thing in the car is its technical characteristics. The modified Octavia RS has a clearance, which is lower by 30 mm. than the basic version, the latest brakes, cast 19-inch discs, a sports exhaust system, a more sensitive gas pedal and modern multimedia system so that the driver and passengers can watch online TV. The strength of the motor specialists with BE Automotive has increased the car with 200 Champions LCh now in 6.5 seconds.

The second car is Skoda Yeti, I must say thanks to all the same specialists with Be automotive. Thanks to their efforts, instead of a standard power of 140 liters. With., Yeti now has as much as 188 horses under the hood.

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