On Izh-Avo, the assembly of Lada Grant Hatchback will begin

AvtoVAZ company begins preparations for the production of Lada Grant in the back of the hatchback. The production of this modification of Lada Granta will be conducted in Izhevsk at the capacities of the IZH-AUTO enterprise. According to available information, the serial production of Lada Granta hatchback will begin in a year, by mid -2017. It also became known that the new hatchback will be collected only at the Izhevsk enterprise.

In addition to the release of Lada Grant Hatchback, the Izhevsk enterprise will have other pressing tasks. In particular, on Izh-Avo, the small series of sedan Lada Grant in the “Lux” configuration.During the assembly of this test batch, new equipment will be tested, installed recently at the enterprise. In 2018, the IZH-Avto was modernized by the chassis site, as well as the Kaizen system on the Trim line was introduced.

The modification of Lada Grant “Lux” differs from the basic version by the presence of more than two hundred new auto parts, therefore, for the serial production of a new modification at the factory, translated work will be carried out. According to the general director of the enterprise Alexei Alekseev, to solve a new problem from the team of the enterprise, coordinated and professional work will be required. According to the management of the enterprise, the team will successfully cope with the assigned task.

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