Niva in China: she is not taken here even for nothing

The supply of Soviet cars to the Chinese market was carried out in the seventies, eighties and even at the dawn of the nineties. Currently, only occasionally you can see the remains of our technology, which have become a kind of tombstone for the Soviet auto industry. Now it is quite difficult to imagine that some more years ago, domestic cars were considered a kind of luxury in China. However, in the late nineties, the border for products from capitalist countries was opened, and modern China makes every effort to independently provide its inhabitants with cars of almost all world manufacturers. Only the presence of dry climate and the lack of demand for parts from these machines give them the opportunity to reserve an even more or less decent look and almost one hundred percent complete set. And this is despite the fact that such ownerless rarities stand at the roadsides of roads for far from one year. But, be that as it may, but the Chinese thieves are completely not interested in the remnants of the Soviet auto industry, since in the spare parts of these models, no one, in fact, needs it here. Looking at such “iron horses”, it seems that Chinese tuning is far from ours, and sometimes even inferior to several positions.

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