New luxury model Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG

The Mercedes -Benz S 65 AMG car on the one hand is a representative of the representative class, on the other hand, its power allows you to develop a fairly high speed to compete with sportsmen.

The basis for the car is a V12-motor with a volume of 6 liters, which produces 630 horsepower. It is clear that with this power, the speed characteristics are quite high. Up to 100 kmh. However, it is unlikely that anyone will come to mind faster. Unless street racers. But for them this model is too representative. It is enough to pay attention to the appearance of 65 AMG. Association immediately arises with a diplomatic or government motorcade. The car really looks pretty solid, both for an important official and a serious businessman.

It is worth noting that the gearbox in this model automatic. Moreover, it was designed specifically for 65 AMG.

Fuel consumption – almost 12 liters per hundred kilometers. Not so little. However, given the power of the car – quite economically. Moreover, this is still a luxury model.

You should not even talk about the comfort inside the cabin. It is very convenient for the driver and passengers, especially since for the latter, TV screens are provided.

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