Modern hair extension technology

Modern hair extension technology

When hair extensions, the most important fact is to maintain the structure of its hair, while maintaining naturalness and shine. The newfangled Italian hair extension is considered the most popular and safe, since the procedure is quite gentle and soft. The technique refers to hot technology, where special, natural strands with soldered capsules are used.

By increasing the volume and length of building, keratin protein is used, which is involved in the connection of its own hair with invoices. Each capsule of the strands is heated by professional forceps and applied to the roots. Hot extension is completely imperceptible to others, because long hair looks very natural, evenly and smoothly.

Italian companies, making strands for building, use only natural hair of European origin (only sometimes Slavic). Capsules locks have more than fifty diverse shades, this allows you to choose the most accurate color for your own hair.

Building occurs at a temperature of 180g., in which the capsule is clamped, and when cooling, it takes the shape of a thin plate, becoming a completely invisible and reliably holding strand. Hair when combing does not fall out and is easy to give in to various procedures (washing, curling, straightening). The extension procedure lasts no more than 3 hours, after which the hair is worn up to 5 months. Further, when the strands grow, you can make a correction and wear hair further without taking off for a long time. The time of wearing hair depends on careful attitude and care.

Extended hair, as well as natural, requires careful care, using special shampoos and other means. It is important to know that you cannot sleep with wet hair, and when washing, you should carefully apply the detergent. Balms and masks are better not to use, they contribute to slipping strands from the plate. According to Italian technology, you can carry out a zonal extension – in the temporal region and separately bangs.

It is noteworthy that after Italian buildings you can go to the pool, sauna or swim in any reservoirs, which is very important for many fashionistas. It is quite simple to take care of the hair, it is not forbidden to smoothing with an iron and twisting with electrical panels. The only thing to take into account is to minimally reduce the contact of hot devices with plates.

Italian building is the only way after which the quality of the hair is obtained that every girl dreams of!

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