Microsoft may be buying Netflix

Microsoft Corporation has plans to acquire the Netflix video service. This is reported by Reuters.
According to the agency, the deal is estimated at $ 190 billion, taking into account the payments of all commissions and bonuses. The agreement may be announced in 2023. Microsoft President Brad Smith is also on Netflix’s board of directors.

The likely purchase is due to the fact that Microsoft wants to offer a video game streaming service on its devices.

Microsoft began buying up other companies after Satya Nadella took over as the company’s chief executive in 2014. At the moment, the most expensive purchase is the acquisition of the social network LinkedIn for $ 26 billion and the developer of speech recognition and artificial intelligence software Nuance for $ 20 billion.

However, now the antimonopoly authorities are studying the possibility of acquisition by the IT giant Activision Blizzard, if approved, the gaming company will join Microsoft for $ 69 billion.

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