Mamalyga restaurants – a real taste of Georgian cuisine in St. Petersburg

Burning, acute, fragrant, spicy – all these are just meager epithets to describe the kitchen of the Caucasus. Always hospitable, welcoming hosts of the house, reverend the guest above all, incredibly tasty food and luxurious young wine are waiting for everyone who appreciates mental rest in Mamalyga restaurants.

Caucasian cooks put a piece of their soul into every dish prepared for dear guests, the taste of any dishes will make you forget that you are in St. Petersburg and transfer to the bright, colorful world of oriental hospitality. We gathered to rest with friends, but your plans were broken by inclement weather, or decided to arrange a romantic dinner in the style of the Caucasus to a loved one? Mamalyga restaurants are delivered barbecue to St. Petersburg, or another dish you loved.

The menu consists of “Pearls” of Caucasian cuisine, here the most important dishes of the Armenian, Georgian, Svan, Adjar, Abkhazian kitchens, absorbed the traditional aromas of the East. In order to drink traditional ayran, it is not necessary to go to another country. It is enough to just come to one of the restaurants of Mamalyga and taste this interesting drink. Only here you will understand what real dolma is, what is the true taste of Lobio, and feel how a real barbecue melts in your mouth, leaving you in complete bliss.

Despite the territorial remoteness, Georgian cuisine in St. Petersburg is very popular. Bright, juicy, fresh vegetables, delicious dishes, a chic selection of drinks and a unique interior make Mamalyga restaurants with a great place for both friends and business negotiations for resting in the circle of friends. The local staff will even make a business meeting a comfortable, pleasant and homely cozy, and manually wicker furniture, ancient elements of clay interior, real manual woven carriers will create a warm atmosphere for any communication.

If you are sure that the Caucasian cuisine is barbecue and satsubeli, only in Mamalyga restaurants you will discover Chkmeruli, Kuch-Machi, chocolate Zgapari. Luxurious Kutaba, Rush, juicy Chebureks, Khachapuri and Achma will not leave a chance for rivalry even the most exquisite delicacies of European cuisine. One of the trump cards of the local chef is Mamalyga, Lavash, baking in a tandoor and incredibly tasty hut.

Having visited one of the Mamalyg, you hardly want to become a guest in another place. Hospitable staff, delicious, spicy dishes, the interior of a real Caucasian house and a welcome, warm atmosphere is truly captivated, because how nice it is to go where you are always waiting for you!

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