Los Angeles Rams and the showdown with the new logo

The development of the new logo is part of the global rebranding of the Rams before moving to the new SoFi Stadium arena. But not everything is going according to plan.

To begin with, the new logo appeared online a couple of weeks before the official presentation. Worse, the fans didn’t like him, who were disappointed when it turned out that the leak wasn’t fake.

Fans don’t like that the new Rams logo is now similar in color to the Los Angeles Chargers logo. It’s funny that the “chargers” themselves had to go through a wave of discontent about the new logo after moving.

But in the case of the Rams, another problem arose. The updated logo looks suspiciously similar to the emblem of the team from the second division of the NCAA Angelo State University.

There are a lot of coincidences, because the mascot of the university team is also a ram. The color scheme is also similar. It is very strange that the Rams chose such an option, because they worked on the logo for two years with the participation of designers and focus groups. Surprisingly, no one was aware of the existence of such a similar logo.

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