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Tile grouting – a special composition for the complete filling of the gaps between the tile elements, for obtaining a whole canvas from ceramic tiles. Before consuming, water, or other liquids are added to the dry mixture, as a result of which a paste of thick consistency is formed, with which it is very convenient to work. If you are building a pool, in addition to wiping the joints, you will also need filters for the pool that you can buy from the company Lord X.

There are two types of heterogeneous grouting compositions: a grout based on Portland cement (containing sand, and inconsistent) and grout based on resins of various chemical nature. Cement -based grout is bred either water or latex. The seams for wiping it should not be wider than 5 mm. For wider seams, a cement grout with the addition of sand is used. The larger the sandy fraction, the wider the seam can be wiped. Grout containing the middle and large sand fraction can only be white or gray, and this is a significant restriction of its use.

Smole for grouts can also be two chemical varieties: epoxy, and furannaya. The grouting composition with epoxy resin has excellent technological characteristics, but it has a complex technology of use, and the cost is quite high. The grout on furan resins is very aggressive-resistant, however, due to the high complexity of use for grouting at home, it is not used. The fact is that its residues should immediately be removed from the surface to be treated with a hot steam.

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