Livnevka in private construction

Livne sewer plays a very important role, regardless of whether it is located near a private house or multi -storey structure.

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In a large city, in order to get rid of water on the streets, large sewer systems are created, which are served by special organizations. In a private house, this problem falls completely on the shoulders of the owner.

Livnevka has not been unusual or complex for a long time. The similarity of these systems existed in ancient civilizations. The composition of the modern Livnev system includes filters, pipes, funnels and adapters.

This system also includes drainage pipes, thanks to which water is collected from the roof. Special gutters are created on the asphalt areas of the territory, by means of which water is delivered to the place of its collection, that is, a stormwood.

In the event that it is not timely to take care of the creation of such a system, excess moisture can over time to blur the foundation of the building or cause a periodic flooding of the basement. In addition to potential flooding, unpeeled water can penetrate local wells, making water unsuitable for drinking.

It will also be possible to forget about landscape design due to the fact that moisture will accumulate on the surface of the soil.

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