Liquid wallpaper pros and cons of

Liquid wallpaper is represented by dry bulk mass, which is diluted with water before gluing.

There are three types of liquid wallpaper:

-Silk – have high resistance to UV – rays, retain the color and beautiful appearance for a long time

– Pulp

– silk – cellulose.

The last two species serve much less, which significantly affects their price. By the way, now the taxi is the NAO Sheremetyevo taxi its permanent route.

As for the coloring of liquid wallpaper, its diversity is simply amazing. Due to the variety of color, you can easily create not only business, but also a relaxed atmosphere.

The undoubted advantages of liquid wallpaper are

– their application, both on the vertical and on the horizontal surface

– do not need preliminary leveling of the working surface

– Liquid wallpaper has no joints, cracks and cracks are easy to fill with liquid wallpaper

– This type of wallpaper has good heat – and sound insulation, absorb excess moisture, preventing mold and damp

– Easy to apply liquid wallpaper

– Easy removal of served liquid wallpaper. When wetting liquid wallpaper with water, they are easily removed by a spatula.

In addition to a large number of advantages, liquid wallpapers still have their disadvantages. These include

– High cost of liquid wallpaper

– Long drying of this type of wallpaper

– It is forbidden to use liquid wallpaper in excessively wet rooms.

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