Liquid rubber

Liquid rubber is one of the types of roofing mastic, consisting of one or two components. It is applied to the surface both in cold and hot and hardly hardens. The advantage of liquid rubber is that there are no solvents in its composition and, accordingly, there are no volatile harmful substances. Corporate vacation in the fresh air is very popular now. By clicking on the given link you can order high -quality corporate vacation in the suburbs at a favorable price.

The preference of liquid rubber during waterproofing is given when the main requirements are quality, speed and absence of seams. The scope of this type of rubber is very wide.

Rubber, consisting of two components, is applied hot, from one – in cold. It can be applied both manually and special equipment. As a result, the applied liquid rubber turns into a monolith and exceeds its competitors in moisture resistance and strength. The only condition when applying is a dry surface.

There is a liquid rubber in the form of a spray. Its use allows the coating even more smooth and even.

With liquid rubber can be used at a temperature of at least +5 degrees. She dries up for 24 hours. Two people will be enough for its application to a large area.

The popularity of liquid rubber for waterproofing is growing, as it is simple in application and has no shortcomings.

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