The first thing to do is to urgently turn off the phone and put it away from yourself. He additionally creates magnetic fields.

If the thunderstorm caught you in the field, and far from shelter, bend down. You need to hide in some recess, so as not to be the highest point on the ground. It is best to sit down, clasp your legs with your hands. It should not be laid on the ground, since the body should have the smallest number of points of contact. It is advisable to stay one by one. Do not hide under lonely tall trees.

No need to hold long metal items in your hands, such as a napting, fishing rod or umbrella (umbrella online store). Do not touch metal products, fences and do not get close to them.

If the thunderstorm found you in the car, reduce the speed, but better stop, but away from high objects. Stay in the car, but do not touch the metal parts.

You can not move on a bicycle. You should immediately stop and find a safe shelter.

If you are sailing in the boat, immediately sail to the shore. If you bathe, leave the water and find the shelter. It is very dangerous to be near a reservoir during a thunderstorm.

While indoors – turn off the radios and TVs, disconnect electrical appliances from the mains, power sources. Do not create drafts, stay away from windows, pipes and metal plumbing.

If you are in a tourist tent, throw all the metal objects from it. Try to transfer the tent from a height to a lower surface.

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